our philosophy

creating a good design...

Reaching - a bit further to obtain something unique.

Understanding - your target, aiming carefully and suggesting ways to obtain and maximize the client's goal.

Interpreting - listening, understanding, observing the needs and wants of the client to translate them into a solid, well functioning product that serves the client and customer to the best possible end.

Analyzing - the target, the client, the demographics and the attainable end product, offering suggestions to bring it into scope and get it off the ground.

Creating - a concept and bringing it to fruition through understanding, conceptualizing and developing ideas into reality.

Risking - the standard to create something unique and new, allowing the clients' end product to stand on its own and become an icon in the industry.

Creating a restaurant...

Atmosphere - Where the mere act of approaching the door sets the stage and draws the patron into its environ before they ever enter.. where upon entering, the stage is set for a special event.

Experience - The interior of a restaurant needs to set the stage for the presentation of the product. A well designed facility will add to the overall presentation of the food and dining experience.

Sensual - The act of eating is a basic need for all living things. A good meal presented in a pleasing environment encompasses all the senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. These elements must be analyzed and balanced to meet the goals of the facility, whether it be a sports bar, fast food facility or five-star restaurant.

Dynamic - One of the elements of a truly successful facility is its uniqueness to the experience. Whether this uniqueness is founded in a rebirth of nostalgia, or far reaching into and beyond the trends of the moment.

Ergonomics - Creating a space that is inviting to the customer/client is only one part of the puzzle. The other lies in the functionality of the space for those that support its use. Keeping the layout and functionality of a kitchen and supporting service satellites streamlined to facilitate employee efficiency is an absolute must. Minimizing the cost and expense of labor and equipment allows for greater success in a high risk industry.

Our firm takes these important elements and many more into consideration when designing a facility. We analyze your goals, the space, flow function and feel you express and set forth to make recommendations for a design to best suit your needs. We then take a team approach, working closely with the those involved and working hand in hand create the space that has evolved on the drawing board.


Our extensive experience with building departments and code research allows for a smooth flow of documentation through the jurisdiction reviewing the plans. We have established good rapport and working relationships with many building and health departments and understand the inner dynamics of a sometimes daunting aspect of Interior Design and Architecture. Sue Genty Interior Design Inc. has provided permit assistance for our clientele for 30 years both as independent designers and on the teams of other design firms. This process provides a smooth segue from design concept through final permit acquisition. By understanding the process, it can expedite lengthy permitting time.


Sue Genty Interior Design Inc. works closely and supports a team approach with the jurisdictions, contractors, owner and sub consultants during construction to assist in the timely completion of the projects endeavoring to keep it on schedule and within budget. Utilizing and respecting the various specialties and trades creates long term relationships that work to the benefit of all parties involved as well as creating a product that EVERYONE is proud of.


IIDA International Interior Design Association


IDCW Interior Design Coalition of Washington


ICC International Code Council


NCIDQ National Council for Interior Design Qualification